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Please be aware that this FAQ solely addresses inquiries regarding our Home Support service options. For us to assess how INSYSTEMTECH can assist your business or organization, we need to know much more about your IT needs and use before we can provide Managed IT Services for businesses.


This is the quickest, easiest way to fix a computer issue that you may be experiencing! Leave the waiting for a technician to arrive at your door behind. All work performed by our technicians is guaranteed. With the help of INSYSTEMTECH services, you may get a fixed amount of unlimited technical support. We provide a variety of service packages, each tailored to meet your needs.

What Do We offer?

We are the best IT Support in USA Services, it helpdesk, Services, it helpdesk in USA, Virus and Malware Removal, Computer Tune-Up, Home Networking, WiFi/ Wireless Internet, Data Backup, Program Errors and Crashes, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Printers and Multi-function, Technical Training, Software Application, Antivirus and Security Software, Smartphone and Tablet, Ransomware technical Support.

What can INSYSTEMTECH assistance with?

PC Performance
Our computer optimization services are one of Live Help Desk’s key draws for a lot of our customers. We are aware of the frustration that might result from using a computer that was once the best but is no longer up to par. We can assist with certain problems, such as:

Enhanced Internet browsing speed
Speeding up a slow PC
Expedited PC start-up and boot times
Faster loading of files
Security and Protection
To keep you, your family, and your devices safe from harmful dangers in the digital era, dependable Internet security and protection is essential. Using INSYSTEMTECH, we provide defence against

Identity Theft
Viruses and Trojans
We are aware that dealing with software can occasionally be a nuisance. Are there any applications that are giving you problems? Do you need assistance installing or removing anything? What about the bothersome drivers? What we can do for you is:

Accounting applications (e.g. Quickbooks)
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher)
Adobe products (Acrobat, Flash Player, etc.)
Email clients (Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)
Driver updates and installation
Any other software issues!
Finding someone with only a computer and no other electronic gadgets to utilize with it could be difficult. As the two ideas appear to go hand in hand these days, InSystemTech can assist you with all of the digital and electronic add-ons for your computer, including:

Digital cameras
Mobile phones
Portable music players
Computer networking is arguably one of the most tiresome and time-consuming aspects of computer interconnection. Our technicians can assist you with everything from wanting all PCs in the business or home to print using a single printer to networking several devices for file sharing.

Home and office networking
Wireless devices and Bluetooth
Internet connectivity

No matter what the problem is, our Technicians can fix it, guaranteed. It’s that simple!

How INSYSTEMTECH operates?

We are an independent provider of computer support; Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google are not partners with InSystemTech. We have no formal connections to any well-known email or internet service providers. We offer the general public access to all of our services, including email support services.

Our trademark details

We provide free of cost diagnose security or performance issues. It might be necessary to pay for technical support to resolve certain issues. By acquiring inSystemTECH remote technical support services and software, identified problems can be resolved. Improvements in security and performance will vary based on the state of your computer, tablet, or phone, the software you are using, and other external factors. Because of these variables, it’s possible that our software and/or services won’t be able to fix the issues with your computer, tablet, or phone. 2022 System Technology Toutes droits réservés. INTEGRAL SYSTEM has registered InSystemTech Powered by ArgusDNA as a trademark in the US and other countries. The owners of any other trademarks are their own property.

Is it possible for INSYSTEMTECH to connect to my computer and fix the issue for me?

Yes. Remote help is used by INSYSTEMTECH at no extra charge. This is the quickest and most effective technique to identify and address the problem(s) at hand. A functional internet connection is necessary to connect to your computer and to solve the majority of problems. Our techs can help you over the phone if your internet connection breaks down.

Is my machine still accessible to INSYSTEMTECH once the remote session has ended?

Without a doubt. Our specialists can only access your computer if you consciously ask for assistance and grant us permission to connect. We are unable to access your computer without your permission.

Where are INSYSTEMTECH support technicians located?

At our location in Kenner, Connecticut, all of our technicians are situated in the country. In reality, everyone who works for INSYSTEMTECH is based in our headquarters at 1201 West Esplanade Ave Apt. 303 LA, Kenner, 70065 United States.

Will a technician from INSYSTEMTECH come to my house?

No, INSYSTEMTECH only provides online or over-the-phone remote technical support. The service is perfect for the large majority of problems that may arise with your technology because over 95% of difficulties may be fixed remotely. We can still help you find a resolution for the other 5% of problems, or we can advocate on your behalf.

Will the INSYSTEMTECH staff be able to solve my problem or properly address my inquiries?

Absolutely. Each expert at INSYSTEMTECH has years of experience and is informed about every supported technology.

Information about General Home Support Services

Do INSYSTEMTECH employees have tech certificates?

Although it is not a necessity, the majority of our technicians hold one or more industry-required certificates. We discover that a technician’s level of competence cannot be accurately determined by their qualifications alone. A certification exam can be studied for and passed by anyone. We place the highest priority on actual education, experience, expertise, and skill. We thoroughly interview candidates during the hiring process to learn about these aspects as well as their interpersonal skills and self-presentation. What brands of products does INSYSTEMTECH support?

Which product brands is INSYSTEMTECH able to support?

We back ALL businesses that produce computers, consumer electronics, computer-related hardware, and software. Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Compaq, Apple, Toshiba, Acer, Gateway, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec (Norton), Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Canon, Lenovo, Samsung, Webroot, and Adobe are just a few examples of the companies in this list.

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How long will it take for my issue to be solved?

Depending on the type and gravity of the issue, this changes. Basic problems may be resolved in as little as 10 minutes, but most problems will take longer. It’s possible for more complicated difficulties to take an hour or longer, depending on a number of variables. For instance, it often takes 2 to 3 hours to completely resolve malware eradication. INSYSTEMTECH strives to provide solutions and responses as quickly as feasible. While we will work quickly, the caliber of our work will never be compromised.

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Does INSYSTEMTECH offer parts replacement for my computer or other equipment?

No. Only issues that do not require physical repair can be fixed by INSYSTEMTECH (which are the vast majority of issues). Please remember, though, that we can still help you find a solution or advocate for you to have whatever issue handled.

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If my Internet Service Provider (ISP) experiences an outage, can INSYSTEMTECH restore my internet service?

No. The connection between your ISP and your residence is not managed or under the control of INSYSTEMTECH.

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The icons on my desktop read “INSYTEMTECH +18885065226.” What is this, and how can I get rid of it?

This icon provides quick access to our “calling card” system. With the calling card, you may talk to one of our techs right away and even invite them to log into your computer. It does not operate until you specifically start it, and it prevents us from connecting to your computer without your consent. We strongly advise leaving it on the system for your convenience, but you can uninstall it from your control panel just like any other program. Please be aware that this software is not compatible with Macs, mobile devices, or remote connections made through your web browser.

Is my machine still accessible to INSYSTEMTECH once the remote session has ended?

Without a doubt. Our specialists can only access your computer if you consciously ask for assistance and grant us permission to connect. We are unable to access your computer without your permission.

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What days and times do you operate?

Our current business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

Please be aware that holiday hours can change.

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Which nations now receive your services?

INSYSTEMTECH exclusively serves clients in the United States, Australia, and Canada at this time.

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What types of technology can I use in my home with INSYSTEMTECH?

All of the computers and computer-related equipment in your home are serviced by INSYSTEMTECH. Desktops, laptops, displays, smartphones, tablets, routers, modems, network adapters, digital cameras, software programs, printers, multi-function devices, scanners, and networked gadgets are some examples of this, but they are not the only ones.

Information About General Home Support Services

What kinds of problems does INSYSTEMTECH handle?

The following are a few typical difficulties that INSYSTEMTECH addresses:

o PC Tune-Up o Virus/Spyware/Malware eradication (fixing computer slowness)

Installation and troubleshooting of software, Internet access for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and routers, wireless and wired home networking, printer/multifunction/scanner troubleshooting, and general computer faults and issues for Windows (7, 8.1, and 10 only) and Mac.

Assistance with email and Outlook, data backup, technical concerns, and much more.

Is there a cap on the number of devices or problems I can get help with?

A single computer is supported by each plan (PC or Mac). Except in very unusual instances of extremely heavy usage, INSYSTEMTECH has no cap on the number of secondary devices we support or the number of issues you may submit to us (see our Terms of Service for more info). Please be aware, however, that the only devices for which you will provide support are those that you own and that are based in your home.

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What operating systems does INSYSTEMTECH provide support for?

We offer complete support for Mac OS X 10.6 and later, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. INSYSTEMTECH also supports mobile operating systems like Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Is it possible to remotely fix any technology issue I might run into?

No. The majority of technical issues are software-related and can frequently be resolved remotely. However, issues that frequently cannot be resolved remotely include those that need for physical repair or part replacement.

Home Support Billing & Pricing

What happens if the technician can’t fix my issue? Do I still have to pay?

A 100% money-back guarantee is included with each of our home support packages for the first incidence. If the expert has made every effort to fix the problem but it persists, you will get a complete refund. For further information regarding our money-back guarantee policy, please check our terms of service.

Billing & Pricing for Home Support

For price information, please visit the Buy Support page.

Do INSYSTEMTECH support contracts renew on their own?

Yes. As long as the plan is current, the plans will automatically charge your card once every billing cycle (monthly or annually).

My personal information, including my credit card number, is protected.

To ensure that all client data is handled securely and that card information is delivered in the safest manner possible, INSYSTEMTECH takes extreme precautions. Additionally, INSYSTEMTECH upholds PCI compliance, the industry benchmark for credit card security procedures.

How can I change the personal data that is stored, including my credit card number, billing information, etc.?

A representative from INSYSTEMTECH will be pleased to update your information if you give them a call.

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Is there a penalty for canceling?

No. If you decide to stop using the service, there are no additional cancellation fees with INSYSTEMTECH home support programs.

Can I alter the date my service is billed?

Yes. We’ll be pleased to work with you to change the bill date each month or year if you find that going forward a different bill date is more convenient for you. Just give us a call.

I won’t be at home and won’t be utilizing my technology, so may I put my service on hold?

No, we are unable to put your plan on hold because it includes cloud data backup services and licensed security software that cannot be stopped.

I am unable to cover the cost of my service. What should I do?

We recognize that your financial circumstances may vary over time, making it harder for you to pay for services at times. We value your business as a customer at INSYSTEMTECH, and we want to work with you to make sure that you can continue using our services without experiencing financial hardship. To talk about your alternatives with an INSYSTEMTECH specialist, give us a call.How do I cancel my Tech to Us service?

Does INSYSTEMTECH make it difficult for me to terminate my service or put any pressure on me to do so?

Without a doubt. No matter why you are contacting us, INSYSTEMTECH takes pleasure in offering first-rate customer service. We will make every effort to work with you to keep your service, but we won’t ever put any pressure on you to do so. However, in order to make sure we are offering the best service possible, we will inquire about your overall experience and the reason(s) for canceling.

Is it possible for me to terminate the INSYSTEMTECH service on behalf of a friend, family member, or another person working for my company or organization?

We need the paying customer’s express permission or a power of attorney to proceed if you contact to terminate a home support plan on behalf of someone else. Direct approval can be given orally over the phone while proof of power of attorney can be delivered via email or fax. A published obituary or a copy of a death certificate is needed in cases where the client has passed away in order to terminate services. The legal rights of both our business and our consumers are safeguarded by this policy.

How will the INSYSTEMTECH service be paid for?

We accept debit cards and all four major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) (debit cards must have a Visa or MasterCard logo to be accepted). We do not accept checks, money orders, or cash.

Are there any additional costs, such as taxes or hidden fees?

Without a doubt. You will only ever pay the prices listed on our website or those given to you by an INSYSTEMTECH representative.

Can I expect a price increase for my service?

No. Your plan pricing won’t change as long as you keep your service with us active. However, if INSYSTEMTECH ever lowers the cost of the plan in which you are currently enrolled, you will be charged at the new, lower rate beginning with the following billing cycle.

Can I terminate my service?

Yes. There are no obligations for INSYSTEMTECH home support plans after your current support period. If you have a one-year unlimited support subscription, for instance, you would only need to cancel before your subsequent billing date. If I cancel my service prior to my next billing date, will

INSYSTEMTECH provide a prorated refund?

No, prorated refunds are not offered by INSYSTEMTECH. You will continue to receive service if you cancel before the end of your current support period. In that case, the plan would no longer renew on its own.

Can my service be upgraded or downgraded?

Most definitely. Please give us a call if you need to upgrade or reduce your service for any reason, and we’ll be pleased to go over your alternatives.

If I don’t currently use any approved technology, can I put my service on hold?

No, we are unable to put your plan on hold because it includes cloud data backup services and licensed security software that cannot be stopped.

I can’t get paid for my services. How can I assist?

We understand that as your financial situation changes over time, it could occasionally be harder for you to pay for services. At INSYSTEMTECH, we cherish you as a customer, and we want to

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How can I stop using INSYSTEMTECH?

An INSYSTEMTECH representative will be able to help you with the canceling procedure if you give them a call. Furthermore, before contesting a charge with your bank or credit card provider, kindly get in touch with us. An INSYSTEMTECH representative will cooperate with you to clarify or reverse any disputed charges. We will make care to correct any mistakes we make right away.

How soon will I receive my money back if INSYSTEMTECH processes a refund?

To shorten the time it takes for money to be credited or become available to your account, INSYSTEMTECH handles all credits and voids right away after they are approved. Please be aware that the duration of the process can change based on your specific financial institution and the speed of the credit card processors. So it’s conceivable that it will take up to 10 business days to process your credit. When a credit is posted to your account or how quickly funds become accessible again is outside of our control. Can I cancel Tech to Us service on behalf of a family member, friend or someone else in my company or organization?

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Home Support Billing & Pricing

+1 888-506-5226


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Remote tech support services are offered exclusively by INSYSTEMTECH, a US-based company. Our knowledgeable, competent, and talented technicians assist both residential customers and small enterprises.
We’ve established a new standard for industry excellence in remote tech assistance.

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