How much does small business IT support cost

How much does small business IT support cost?

How much does small business IT support cost: The cost of IT help for small businesses depends on a number of things, like the size and complexity of the business, the type and amount of IT equipment used, the level of support needed, and where the business is located.

On average, local IT help for small businesses costs between $75 and $200 per hour, while remote IT support costs between $50 and $150 per hour. Some companies may also offer monthly or annual contracts, which can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month, based on the services included and the size of the business. We can discuss more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

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It’s important to know that some IT support companies may also charge extra for hardware and software updates, data backup and recovery services, and other specialized services.

Overall, the cost of IT help for a small business can vary a lot based on what the business needs and wants. Before making a choice, it’s best to talk to several companies to compare prices and services.

Depending on what a small business needs, IT help could cost between $300 and $2500 per month. This range is big because it takes into account a lot of different things.

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Let’s get a little more specific to help us focus a little more precisely:

  • The cost of small business desktop support: Companies have offered help for as little as $20 per desktop (although to be honest, the help at this price wasn’t very good) and as much as $100 per desktop.
  • The cost of small business server support: Help with servers has been seen for as little as $100 per month. (again, low-end).
  • The cost of small business network support: Starting at $100 per month, server help has been seen. (again, low-end).

Even though these numbers don’t exactly match our rates, they should still give you an idea of how much IT help for your business might cost. But at the end of the day, asking how much IT help costs is like asking how much a car costs. The reaction will depend on the car. We can discuss more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

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InSystemTech can give you free quotes for USA Small Business IT Support. Contact us online or at +1 888 506 5226 so we can talk about your small business’s IT needs and give you a better idea of where your company will end up.

If you’re not ready to get a quote or just want more information, keep reading to learn more about the factors that affect the price of IT help.

The model of IT support.

For our first estimate, we assumed help through a controlled service delivery method. This method (where services are given at a set monthly rate, no matter how much they cost) allows for system repair to be done ahead of time, encourages planning, and gets rid of the chance of IT costs that were not planned for. Even though it is by far the most common and usually the cheapest way to get help, it is not the only one. We can discuss more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

Let’s look at the costs of two types of added support:

Internal IT support for small businesses.

In small businesses, having IT help on staff is usually much more expensive than hiring outside help.

Let’s quickly look at the numbers to show why. According to data from Indeed, the average pay for salaried IT support staff inside a company is $53,000 per year. If you use a modest estimate of $10,000 per year for the cost of benefits (insurance, vacation, sick time, and payroll tax), you get to $63,000. We can discuss more regarding How much does small business IT support cost. Below you will find more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

So, that’s already $5,250 per month, which is a lot more than the price of controlled services.

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And that doesn’t include any extra training or tools the IT staff of one will need to do their jobs. The moral of the story is that small businesses shouldn’t hire their own IT help because it’s expensive. Below you will find more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

Break-fix IT support for small businesses.

Break-fix IT help is the usual way of doing things in the business. The name gives it away. When things go wrong, companies pay for help, generally by the hour.

Small businesses that would rather not have to make payments over and over again might like this. If you choose this method, you will assume that you won’t need help very often, and if you do, it will be given to you in a complete and fast way to stop problems from happening again.

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Unfortunately, this is almost never how things work in real life.

Small businesses can do well with break-fix business plans for a while. But they make it hard to estimate costs because there is no help ahead of time. This makes it hard to know when and what will break. Also, the costs of fixing things that break can be very expensive.

Let’s say the hourly rate for your IT business is $60, which is very low. You might go three months without a big problem, and then in the fourth month, both of your computers might crash at once. After three days with two techs on the job, you could be charged $2,880. This is before any costs for new technology are taken into account. Below you will find more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

This isn’t cost-effective, it’s hard to plan for, and it actually pushes service providers to do a bad job because they only get paid when something goes wrong.

In today’s business world, almost all companies, no matter how big or small, need help with IT. IT support means giving help to people and businesses that have IT systems and the tools that go with it.

Where IT support need to be provided?

Office networks: Small businesses with several employees typically have an office network consisting of computers, printers, and other peripherals. IT support is needed to set up, maintain and troubleshoot these networks, ensuring that they are secure and functioning correctly. Below you will find more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

E-commerce websites: Many businesses operate e-commerce websites to sell their products or services online. IT support is needed to manage and maintain these websites, ensuring that they are always available and functioning correctly.

Cloud-based services: Many businesses rely on cloud-based services such as email, file storage, and software applications. IT support is needed to set up and manage these services, ensure that they are secure and functioning correctly, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

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Mobile devices: Many businesses have employees who use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to work remotely. IT support is needed to set up and manage these devices, ensure that they are secure, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Cybersecurity: Businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks, and IT support is needed to ensure that their IT infrastructure is secure and protected against threats such as viruses, malware, and hacking attempts. Below you will find more regarding How much does small business IT support cost.

In summary, IT support is essential for businesses that rely on technology to operate, and it plays a critical role in ensuring that businesses are efficient, secure, and competitive in today’s market.

The business context where IT support will be provided.

There are numerous other variables besides the IT support strategy that will affect expenses. The majority of these are connected to the tiny business’s environment. This takes into account things like:

  • How many computers can be accommodated?
  • How many desks are there?
  • What number of users?
  • Exist any distant users?
  • What technology does the company employ?
  • How much on-site assistance is required?
  • Is a support center necessary?
  • How much network surveillance is required?
  • Exist regulatory requirements?
  • Will hardware or software configuration be part of the support?
  • Will assistance be given in both upkeep and strategy planning?

These questions are a good place to start, but that’s all they are. So, once again, the prices of IT help for small businesses vary a lot. If you want a more accurate idea of how much IT help might cost your small business, you should talk to an expert.

Ready to Get a Custom Quote for Small Business IT Support?

We really hope that this information will help you figure out how much IT help will cost for your small business. Let’s talk if you’re ready to take the first step towards a custom price and better IT for your small business.

At InSystemTech, we help small businesses in Houston, Texas with IT. We have seen firsthand how bad, supposedly cheap IT solutions hurt small and medium-sized businesses. They take people’s attention away from important work, force key employees to do time-consuming IT tasks, and lead to high costs that hurt companies.

That is not how it ought to be. Small companies, in our opinion, merit greater.

Our managed IT services improve reliability, give you access to top-level IT knowledge, and lower hacking risks, all for a stable and reasonable monthly cost. Our techs are experienced professionals who can respond quickly, and our simple process makes IT easy to understand. Get in touch with us right away if you want an answer that works well and quickly.

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