Power pc pro Privacy policies

Power pc pro Privacy policies: You could be given the privacy policy in a few other languages in an effort to make it easier for you to comprehend it; nonetheless, the version that is legally enforceable shall be the English version.

This privacy statement (the “Policy”) is intended to inform you of how we collect, utilize, and safeguard your information when you visit our websites and use our services.

When you access our website, accessible at https://www.insystemtech.com, or any subdomain or website that links to this Policy (the “Site” or “Website”), buy a license for any of our products, download or install any of our offered software, including our mobile applications (each or jointly “Products”), or utilize any other services, features, or forms that we may from time to time make available to you through the Site, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy (each individually, or jointly with the Site, the “Services”).

Before using the Services, carefully read the Policy to ensure that you comprehend it and accept its conditions. Please do not access or use our Services if you disagree with any of the conditions set out in this Policy and the options, we offer do not allay your worries. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at https://insystemtech.com/contact-us/ if you feel that you don’t understand anything in this Policy.

Please be aware that the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the privacy Regulation (together, the “Applicable Laws”) were taken into consideration while developing this Policy. Please refer to the Special Jurisdictions section in addition to what is stated in this Policy if you are a resident of any country or region other than the EU/EEA or the UK and USA.

1. Data Controller

Controller Information: Integral System LLC SAS is the data controller of your personal data processed in connection with the Services. The company is based in USA and located at 1201 West Esplanade Ave Apt. 303 LA, Kenner, United States. 70065.

Data Protection Officer (DPO): If you wish to contact us in any matter concerning this Policy, you are welcome to do so through the above address, or by email to our data protection officer (DPO) at: admin@integralsystems.us. Or www.integralsystems.us

2. Data Subjects

We may use the data that we collect through the Site and the Services in a variety of ways, depending on whether you are (a) a business customer, a business partner that has a contractual relationship with us, or a prospective customer that has not yet engaged in a contract with us (a “Customer”). If you are a business customer, we may use the data that we collect through the Site and the Services to fulfil our contractual obligations to you.

(b) a user who interacts with the services, whether such person is a visitor to our website or a user of one of our other services (“User”). The information that is presented in this Policy pertains to Users, and it is important to note that a Customer may also serve in the capacity of a User.

You agree that you are not under any legal obligation to give us with Personal Information (for a definition of this term, see below), and that your decision to provide us with Personal Information was made voluntarily by you. You also agree that if you do not give us with the aforementioned information, we will be unable to provide you with the Services or process any requests that you may make. In order to use some aspects of the Services, you will need to provide more personal information on top of the information that has already been collected and processed about you. In this kind of scenario, it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to make use of those additional services.

Go to the section 10 that follows for further information on your rights over your personal information, including instructions on how to withdraw the consent that you have already provided.

4. Information we process, purpose, lawful basis and retention

  • Personal information (PI) is any information that may be used to personally identify you as a natural person, either alone or in conjunction with other pieces of information.
  •  A first and last name, an email address, a phone number, a home or other physical location, and other contact information are a few examples of this information. An IP address, device ID, and cookies may also be regarded as personal information in some countries (such as the EU for example), depending on how we utilize the data.
  • Information that cannot directly or indirectly be used to personally identify a natural person is referred to as non-personal information (non-PI). For instance, statistics, compiled data, or any other kind of data that can no longer be used to identify you.
  • Information of the first kind is referred to in this Policy and may be gathered in one of the following ways:
  • Information you provide to us (4.1)
  • Depending on the Services you choose to use and whether you are a Customer or a User, providing us with information is optional in some circumstances and necessary in others.
  • Contact information. If you provided us with your contact information (such as an email address or phone number) while creating an account, joining our mailing list, or contacting our support staff, we may handle such information as further explained below.
  • We will ask for your email address if you choose to freely sign up for our email messages. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the email’s body that says “unsubscribe,” or you can email our Data Protection Officer at admin@integralsystems.us.

Purpose: Subject to your consent, we will use your email address to send you emails about our products and services, to keep you informed about any new services, to provide you service-related advice, and for promotional and marketing purposes.

Retention: We keep this information as long as you haven’t specifically asked us to delete it, unless we receive notice that it was unlawfully obtained (for instance, if we find out you are a minor), and as long as no legal exceptions apply.

Signing up, registration and account management. When you utilize one of our trial software or decide to buy a Product license, for example, some of the Services involve registration and setting up a user account. You will be required to provide some details, including your email address, complete name, and other Personal Information as indicated by the submission form, if you decide to do so. For login and authorization reasons,your email address will be used as your username together with a password of your choosing. Your information will be used for account login and account security purposes, as well as to uniquely link your account and purchases with you, your device, and your usage. Your email address will also be used, with your permission, to send you information, newsletters, and updates about our Services.

Purpose: We assign you an account, protect your access to your Account, monitor your installation and license purchase activity, and give you direct access to and management of your activity using your account details.

Retention: In order to provide you with the Services or as required by any relevant laws, we keep your account information on file for as long as you use the Product and as long as it is necessary. If there is any invoicing involved, we may keep this information for up to seven (7) years following the billing event in accordance with relevant tax regulations.

Purchasing a Product license. In order to process your order, provide you with a license key, get in touch with you if support is required, and safeguard the access to your account and purchased Product licences, we will need to know your contact information, such as your full name, email address, billing information, shipping information (if applicable), and any other purchase-related information Moreover, we share purchase confirmations, alerts, download links, activation codes, support information, and product announcements using this information. You may be prompted for additional payment information (referred to as “Payment Information”) based on the payment method you choose.

Please be aware that depending on the product you choose to purchase and the payment method you select, either our payment processing services or our third-party payment processors will acquire your payment information An Integral System LLC-affiliated payment business that handles our invoicing and payment processing collects and processes payment information on our behalf. As a result, Payment Data will be gathered and maintained in facilities that are safe and compliant with the stringent PCI DSS standard. You can access these facilities’ privacy policies here and on the checkout page.

If you buy a license through a mobile app store, those retailers will handle the payment processing themselves. Our associated payment processing services or our third-party payment processors will use your payment information to bill you for the goods.

Be sure to include a valid email address. In the event that the associated email address is incorrect and we are unable to verify the User, we have the right to cancel your connected password.

We’ll need the details you provide in order to process your order and dispatch the item or items you requested (to your email or physical address, as per your choice of order). If there are any problems with the order, a member of our staff may get in touch with you by phone or email.

Purposes: We use the information to manage your purchase and the license key in accordance with the type of subscription you have chosen, process your order, deliver the Product you ordered—either physically or by sending your license key to your email address—and secure access to your account and licensed products.

Also, with your permission and occasionally out of genuine business interest, we utilize this information to grant you a licensing key depending on the particular subscription you have and the particular device you have linked the license key to. Your license key is linked to your email address and device details. Your email address will also be used, with your permission, to send you information, newsletters, and updates about our services.

If there is a problem with your order, one of our staff will attempt to contact you by phone or email using the information you provided.

Retention: We keep this information for as long as your license key is active and occasionally keep it longer if required by law (for example, if the information relates to payments) or if you haven’t revoked your authorization for us to communicate information with you via specific contact information you provided.

Contacting us / Support. When you choose to contact us, we may process the specifics of your request, its content, and your contact information in order to respond to the questions you have sent to us. You will be required to give us your name, email address (or other contact information, as applicable and depending on how you want us to contact you back), as well as the subject matter of your inquiry, if you contact us for support, feedback, or other inquiries through an online form on one of our websites, by email, or through another method we make available (such as by phone, submitting a bug report, or filling out a survey).

Purpose: Based on your permission and our legitimate business interests, we use your information to react to your query and provide you with the assistance or information you’ve requested, among other purposes. In addition, we will respond to any “Help and Support” tickets or chats you send our way through the websites or services.

Retention: We keep your information for as long as it takes to respond to your query or as long as it’s necessary to comply with the law. Your information will only be shared with third parties if we decide to employ their services (like ZenDesk or Upclick) to assist us in providing this service.

Media files and proprietary content: You have the choice to upload material, such as photographs and other media files (“Your Content”), when you use specific Products (such as photo editors, design software, or any other Products that by their very nature require access to media files for their Services). Beyond what is required to serve you with the Products, Services, and features locally, we do not keep Your Content. We could provide you with a backup alternative or cloud storage at your request. Then it will be encrypted, and we won’t have access to Your Content.

Purpose and Retention: Such data will only be processed to the amount and for the time frame necessary to deliver the Services to you, maintain them, and protect them.

In the Mobile versions of the Services: Mobile permissions: The following access permissions, which are directly related to and necessary for the Product’s core functionality, will be requested of you when you decide to install the Product on your mobile device and at the time of such installation.These permissions include access to your files and storage settings, download folders, and more. The operating system of your mobile device and its associated application store may occasionally ask you to grant specific authorization (opt-in consent), such as access to your media files, for enhanced functionality that we may offer.

4.2. Information collected about your use of the Services

In order to provide the Services, maintain them, comprehend how Users use them, add new versions and features, support them, and keep them safe, certain information about your actions related to the Services, your device, and Site visit may be processed when you access the Site, download a software product, or otherwise use the Services.

  1. We may handle one or more of the following online identifiers when you use the Websites, Goods, or Services: the IP address that your internet provider allocated to your device and access to the web, cookies information as defined in our Cookie Policy, or when you first visit our Websites. These details, which include online usage data, login information (where applicable), and IP address, are gathered by cookies, pixel tags, and log files, just like they are for any other digital service. To prevent delivering redundant Services and offers, we may occasionally generate a unique random User ID when a Visitor registers as a User.
  2. Purposes: In addition to using tracking technologies like pixel tags on the Websites, we also gather information from server log files. One or more of the following goals are accomplished through the usage of online identifiers: I As part of our legitimate interest, we utilize specific online information for analytics and statistical reasons when we want to understand how visitors and users interact with our websites and services and when we want to make sure that our services are responsive to their needs.
  3. : Each piece of information stated in this section has a separate retention duration. You may check our Cookie Policy to find out how long each cookie or web technology will be retained for. Otherwise, we only keep online data as long as it’s required to fulfil the original purpose for which it was processed or until we turn it into non-personal data, in which case we reserve the right to keep it indefinitely, depending on our judgement and business needs.
  4. : When you choose to purchase a licence to more than one device, we associate your licence key and user ID with each additional device you choose to purchase a licence for. We may collect certain information about the device from which you access the Websites, use Products and Services, such as user-agent (that includes the browser type and version, IP address, operating system type and version), device type (mobile/desktop), type and version of your operating system, your MAC address, the language you use on your device, and more.
  5. We may use the information about your device for one or more of the following reasons with your permission and, in some situations, due to our legitimate interests: I The compatibility of the product with the appropriate device type, version, and characteristics of the operating system. (*) Providing extra Services or Features that are Particularly Designed for Your Device Type, such as Mobile vs. Desktop. (ii) To link the device on which you install the Product with a license key that was supplied to you. (iii) The primary purpose of the Products is to assist you in managing the storage space on your device and maximizing its usability. In that situation, we shall access specific device information as part of the Product’s functionality and based on our legitimate interest in doing so in order to offer, maintain, and support such functionality.
  6. : We keep device information as long as it takes to operate the Product, to keep track of your license key and product usage, and to associate license terms and renewals.
  7. We also gather certain information about visitors’ online activities. For instance, if you clicked on an ad for one of our products, we would know where you clicked it from. Alternatively, by utilizing third-party services (like retargeting), we might present you with one or more of our products when you visit other websites. If offered, we may additionally record your clicks on activities and buttons on our websites or when using our online services, as stated under the category of “Online Identifiers,” in log files under this category.
  8. We utilise this data for the following reasons: I With your permission, for marketing, retargeting, and advertising of our products and services. (ii) In accordance with our legitimate interests, which include maintaining the Website, Products, and Services’ functionality, measuring and calculating our payments to advertisers, and keeping an eye out for and preventing ad fraud in relation to our Products and Services.
  9. : Our server may receive information about your systems when you install one or more of our products, including the type of your Operating System, version, language, installation timestamp, and the IP address that your internet service provider assigns to your computer, in order to verify that the device and installation are genuine and not fraudulent and to make sure that the device has not already installed the same product (anti-fraud purposes). We require this information in order to provide the installed file, manage it, and guarantee compatibility.
  10. : In order to enable the installation of the Product, store it in our systems, be able to provide you with the Services through our servers when you use the Product, and track and confirm that the device and installation are legitimate and not fraudulent, this information is gathered. In order to provide the installed file, run it, and guarantee compatibility, we also require certain details.
  11. We automatically track and process use and functionality-related behaviours so that we may react to them or let you undo some of the actions you’ve already taken.
  12. : In order to sell and advertise the Services, we make use of digital media sources. We will learn about the source media from which you visited our Services when you click an ad and end up on our website. This data will be gathered by tags and cookies and includes your IP address and the Website from which you came to our site. The processing of this data is done in order to identify the marketing channel from which you came, to analyse and calculate the efficacy of the advertising, to evaluate the marketing channel, and to identify fraudulent activity linked to such marketing and advertising channels.

When you choose to sign up or log in to your account via your social media, we may have access to the public profile information on your account. In some cases, third-party data validation sources may also help us to transform a raw piece of data into a conclusion (for example, an IP address). Personal Data provided to us by third parties, such as our service providers who process your data on our behalf (as further detailed below), media channels who direct you to our websites or products, or when you choose to sign up or log in

We may receive information from third parties depending on the circumstances and functionality of the Product, Services, Website, or the marketing and advertising of those, such as: • If you sign up or sign in using your social media account or email as your authentication method, we may have access to publicly available information associated with your social media account (mostly, full name and email address, or any other Personal Data you chose to post publicly).

• In situations when we wish to trade non-raw personal data for non-raw personal data, such as when we wish to identify a nation from an IP address.

5. Cookies and web technologies

A cookie is a little text file that websites that you visit store on the browser of the hard disc of your computer (or similar device). Websites frequently utilize cookies to operate, or operate more effectively, as well as to collect information and provide it to the website’s owner. Cookies make it simpler for you to use the Site and Services and enhance their operation.

These are used to streamline the login process for our users, to keep track of the items you’ve added to your shopping cart, your chosen location, language, and currency, and to monitor internet traffic across the site.

Some of the tools, services, and features that are incorporated into our website and services may require their own cookies to operate. Please review our Cookie policy for more information on our cookies and our third-party cookies. Be aware that you may configure your browser to reject or prevent all cookies, whether they are from us or our third-party partners. Nevertheless, under this situation, certain of the Services might not operate as intended.

6. How we use your information

In addition to the uses listed next to each data category above, we also utilize User information for the following reasons: a. To provide, maintain, enhance, and secure our services in order to better promote and advertise them.

b. To stop fraud and false installations, we employ specific information.

c. Create, manage, and maintain an account for you.

7. Lawful basis for processing Personal Information

If you are a customer, a contract or the anticipation of a contract is our legitimate basis for processing your personal information. If applicable laws don’t need your consent, we shall treat your personal information instead in accordance with our legitimate business interests.

Otherwise, the legal basis for data processing will depend on the Personal Information in question and the specific circumstances surrounding its collection:

(a) We typically process Personal Information where we have your consent to do so, such as when you submit a form to us, open an account with us, or agree to our cookie usage; or, in some cases, (b) where the processing is in our legitimate interests and is not outweighed by your data protection interests or fundamental rights.

In rare situations, we could also be required by law to get your personal information or might otherwise require it to safeguard your interests or the interests of another person.

If we need your Personal Information to fulfil a legal obligation or carry out a transaction with you, we will notify you at the appropriate time and let you know whether giving us your Personal Information is required or not.

Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns or need more information regarding the legal basis for which we collect and use your personal information, particularly if you want to learn more about how your privacy rights and freedoms are weighed against our legitimate processing interests.

8. Sharing Personal Information

We may share or disclose information with third parties as necessary to deliver the Services and support them, including the following:

Service Providers (also known as “Processors”). To suppliers, service providers, agents, contractors, or anyone who carry out certain tasks for us, we could release Personal Information.

These covers services like CRM, hosting data, safeguarding, support, processing patents, advertising, and marketing. Please see Section 9 below for further details about our third-party services.

b. Our corporate partners. To process for the purposes outlined in this Policy, we may share Personal Information to any existing or future related firm, parent companies, or subsidiaries.

Associated businesses include, for instance, Integral System LLC North America, which are businesses that control, are controlled by, or are under the same common control as us.

b. Legal action or a legal duty. In the event that we determine that disclosing your Personal Information to a third party is helpful or reasonably necessary to:

(a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; (b) enforce our licence agreement, terms of service, or this privacy policy, including conducting investigations of potential infractions thereto; (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security issues; and/or (d) protect against harm to t

d. Bankruptcy, Sale, or Merger. We may (and expressly reserve the right to) transfer or assign the Personal Information and other information we have collected or received in the event that we or one of our connected organizations is purchased by, merges with, or otherwise sells all or part of our/its assets.

In this situation, we shall demand that the purchasing organization disclose its data practices and grant you any applicable legal recourse.

9. Third-party services

We employ third-party services to provide, run, manage, serve, and enhance the Site and Services so that we can continue to offer new goods and features. Payment processors, feedback tools, support and ticketing systems, operational tools, analytics and statistics tools, and other services are examples of this type of service. The following categories are represented by those services:

a. Storage and hosting services: We host our Sites, the corresponding data, and keep your Information using third-party host and storage services (including cloud storage).

Such Processors may have offices (and place of business for their servers) anywhere throughout the world. We demand that each such Processor uphold stringent privacy protection and data security guidelines as well as guarantee their adherence to relevant data protection legislation. Their own privacy rules, however, completely regulate their actions and operations.

b. Analytics. In order to better understand how Users engage with our site and services, we may utilise analytics services if you are a User visiting our site.

b) Assistance services. To offer better and quicker support, whether online or when you call customer support, we may occasionally employ support and help desk services.

d. Security and authentication. If you establish an account with us, we could eventually integrate some authentication services.

Payroll processors, e. In the event that you decide to buy one or more of our items, we could employ payment processing firms that adhere to high security requirements.

f. mailing lists and CRM. We may utilized services to handle and safeguard your personal information if you are a Customer or User, or to maintain subscription and notification lists.

Technological collaborators. In order to improve a product’s performance and give you more features, certain of our goods and Services could use third-party technologies, widgets, or features.

h. Advertising and Retargeting: A few of our third-party providers may gather anonymous data on your use of the Site. These third parties may use your information to provide and show advertising and offers from the Site, as well as content and services made available via the Site (“Ad/s”) when you visit other websites on the internet (“Retargeting”). You will always have the option to opt out of this form of advertising, either directly from the advertisement itself when you see it, through the third-party service’s ad settings, or by following the instructions for doing so in our Cookie policy.

10. Your Rights and Choices

  1. Some of the rights listed below would not apply to you if you were a Visitor of the Websites, but you may still exercise your rights by blocking certain cookie types, deleting cookies, or initially configuring your browser to do so.
  2. You have the right to request access to any Personal Data we may have on you.
  3. a. Right to rectification: You have the right to request that we correct any information that is incorrect that we may have on you.
  4. b. Right to erasure: You have the right to request that we stop using or erase your information. Only in situations when it is practical and legal may we do so. We occasionally require your information in order to finish a transaction based on an action you took, abide by the law, or just to give you the Goods and Services.
  5. d. Right to restrict processing: You have the right to request that we stop using your Personal Data for a particular function or purpose temporarily. Please be aware that this might also prevent us from being able to offer you the Goods and Services, or a portion of them;
  6. f. Objection to processing: You have the right to ask us not to use your personal data any longer. In this situation as well, the aforementioned exclusions will apply;
  7. f. Right to data portability: You can get in touch with us to ask for an export of your Personal Data in a reusable format or to transfer such data directly to a different provider of services that are linked;
  8. g. Right to revoke consent: In cases where you have granted us permission to use your information for a particular purpose, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time, in which case we shall no longer use your information for that purpose (subject to the aforementioned limitations);
  9. h. Right to file a complaint: If you reside in a nation to which the EU GDPR is applicable (such as the EU, EEA, or UK), you have the right to file a complaint with the body in charge of guarding personal information in your nation of residence if you feel that your rights have not been upheld by us. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us at mailto:admin@integralsystems.usin this situation so we can assist you.

If you have an account with us, some of those rights will be accessible to you directly from there. Otherwise, you can exercise your rights by reaching out to us at admin@integralsystems.us

, or by post to:

Integral System LLC SAS

1201 West Esplanade Ave Apt. 303 LA, Kenner, United States. 70065

Please be aware that even after you unsubscribe from our emails, we may continue send you service emails connected to your transactions, such as order confirmations, product notices, expiration notifications, bug-fix notifications, security warnings, compatibility notifications, or enhancement notifications.

Regarding the way we collect and use your Personal Information, you have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority. Please use the contact information provided here to get in touch with your local data protection authority if you want to learn more. But first, please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding how we gather and utilise your personal information. admin@integralsystems.us

11. Information Security

We put in place organizational and technical safeguards to safeguard the privacy of our customers and users as well as their personal information, including the use of data security-focused third-party services.

To maintain continual monitoring, we assess our information and data collecting procedures on a regular basis, utilized third-party processing and providing services that adhere to different information security standards and certifications, and control and filter access to data for employees of our company. As there is no such thing as absolute security when it comes to the global network, such methods and processes do not ensure security but rather lower the chance of security breaches.

 As a result, we are unable to guarantee that the Website and our servers are secure from information security threats such as unauthorized access to the data kept there. You can get in touch with us at if you have any concerns regarding the Site’s or Services’ security.


12. Information transfer

We reserve the right to transfer your information, including any personally identifiable information, outside of the nation in which it was collected or in which you currently reside (for example, to the United Kingdom or the United States), even to a nation that might not provide the same level of protection for personal data as your home nation.

But in such scenario, we make care to include all contractual protections (such as verification of an adequate level of protection measures, security certificates and other measures that help us assess the security level of a third-party service).

You explicitly consent to the use of your Personal Information in line with this Privacy Policy and the transfer of that information to a foreign country by supplying it and by using the Services (including, the UK or the US).

13. Data Retention

In compliance with any relevant regulations, we will keep your information as long as your account is active or as long as necessary to serve you with the Services. When we decide that the information is no longer required for these purposes, we may, in our sole discretion, remove or modify it from our systems without giving you prior notice. All communication data, including any Personal Information included within, is kept for as long as is necessary to respond to your enquiry or as long as is mandated by law.

14. Children

Children under the age of 16 are not intended to be drawn to the Site or the Services. We do not plan to gather Personal Information from anyone who we know to be under 16 as a result. If we become aware that we have unlawfully obtained Personal Information from a child under the age of 16, we shall make all commercially reasonable steps to ensure its removal. If you think we may hold such information, please get in touch with us at admin@integralsystems.us.

15. Changes to this Policy

We may occasionally change, add, or remove elements of this privacy policy to comply with new laws, requirements, or if we launch a new service that involves processing personal data. If there is a major change, we will make efforts to provide you a more obvious notice, such as by publishing a notice on the Site or, if we have your email address, by sending you an email.

If the change is not significant, we will post the revised Policy on our website and update the “last updated” date in the Policy to reflect the changes. You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy, as changed, if you use the Site or Services after the effective date of any such amendment.

17. Any Questions?

If you have any inquiries regarding this Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at: admin@integralsystems.us.Or call +1 800-506-5226

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