it is printing but nothing happens

The printer says “ready,” the system shows it is printing but nothing happens.

it is printing but nothing happens:

Sometimes everything seems to be working well, but the printer isn’t producing any prints. Follow the detailed procedures below to remedy this problem.

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Make sure the issue is not the result of a Windows update first. The most recent Windows 10 upgrade contained a known bug that prevented users from printing following the update. Update your drivers and Windows to the latest versions. Try the below-listed solutions if the issue still exists.

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1. Start by trying to drain your printer’s power. This is how:

2. Attach the USB cord from your printer to a different USB port on the computer.

3. If the most recent firmware for the printer is available on its official website, update it.

4. Install the most recent version of the Windows OS.

5. Reinstall or update the printer driver to the most recent version as well.

6. Launch the printer diagnostic tool. It is a feature that comes with Windows 10.

7. If the issue persists, attempt a fresh installation of your printer.

Use the comment section below to share your experience if you are still unable to solve the problem.


Question: Since there is no printer print when linked by USB after I got Windows 11, I can print wirelessly, but not all printers support that. The printer indicates that it is ready, but as soon as I push print, I receive a notice saying that the document, image, or other printing job cannot be completed. I removed and reinstalled the drivers numerous times, tried different USB ports, and removed all other USB devices without success. Could you please assist? Since I’ve had the beta version of Windows 10 for more than ten days, I don’t want to go back to it, so I’ll have to perform a clean install.

Printer Problem

Answer: This appears to be a driver issue. You can use the simple driver if the full feature driver isn’t functioning properly. Using the printer’s default driver, manually install it.


• Before re-installing the driver, make sure to completely delete the printer driver from your computer. • Ensure that you have chosen the USB001, 002 or 003 port.

I have an HP LaserJet 2015dn, but whenever I connect it, it doesn’t work and says, “USB device not detected,” or “couldn’t connect,” even though I’ve tried all of the ways listed above. Now we will check more about it is printing but nothing happens.

5 printer problem


1. Move the USB cable from your printer to another computer port. As soon as the USB port is switched, it should be properly identified. Now we will check more about it is printing but nothing happens.

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2. Reinstalling the USB drivers is necessary when the USB driver occasionally fails to function properly. Restart your computer after going to the device management to remove all of the USB drivers. Your printer should correctly detect itself after a reboot. Please let me know the outcomes when you’re finished. Now we will check more about it is printing but nothing happens.

it is printing but nothing happens
it is printing but nothing happens

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