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office 365 Business Premium is the Best Plan for Most Businesses

Office 365 Business Premium: If your business plans to use Microsoft 365, you must licence the first 300 users under the office 365 Business Premium plan. In terms of savings and comfort of mind, no other M365 licence can compare to its top-notch cybersecurity features.

Numerous cybersecurity weaknesses have been caused by the present boom in remote work in organizations. Nevertheless, it is not expected that the trend toward remote employment will decline anytime soon.

You must now strengthen the security for each remote employee rather than merely protecting the perimeters of your locations. not only their endpoint, but also the user’s other devices, themselves, and the data kept on each of them.

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The closest you can get to the data, the more effective the protection. That necessitates having a strong application layer defence, starting with your cloud. We can discus more about Office 365 Business Premium.

Your most utilized technology is probably your cloud and its features. It should be the most protected, it goes without saying.

We’ll go over the reasons why Microsoft’s Business Premium has emerged as its best value product below. Schedule a call with us right now if you already wish to upgrade to Business Premium.

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Intro to Office 365

Microsoft’s M365 application suite makes use of Azure cloud computing. It is offered in different plans for homes, businesses, and enterprises. The majority of plans have various pricing and feature tiers.

The business offerings for M365, for instance, are available in Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium. Enterprise plans E1, E3, and E5 are among them. With the aptly named Apps for Business plan, Microsoft also provides its standard Office programs. With an annual subscription, prices are assessed on a per-user, per-month (user/month) basis.

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Office 365 Business Premium Pricing

Microsoft 365 Business Premium costs $22 per user per month as of the time of this post’s creation. Recently, the price was raised from $20.

Features of Office 365 for Business Premium

The best value for your money may be found in Microsoft 365 Business Premium thanks to a number of unique features. Business Premium is 39% more expensive than an E5 licence even though it may not have as many features.

We will examine why the features of BP are superior to those of Business Standard below it and E3 above it.

First of all, BP includes all of the productivity programmed you require, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planner, Teams, SharePoint Online, and a few others. Microsoft Intune, which is also present in Microsoft Office 365 E3, is possibly our favorite feature in BP.

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A 50 GB mailbox storage limit for Outlook and a 1 TB OneDrive storage restriction are also included with BP. Azure Information Protection, which incorporates Microsoft Purview Email Encryption, is also included.

Above all, Business Premium stands out thanks to its integrated cybersecurity protections, which are absent from competing plans. Let’s explore further:

Office 365 Business Premium Security Features

Enterprise-level data and user protection is included with Business Premium. The majority of other M365 plans, such as a true enterprise plan in E3, cannot be regarded to be similar.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 (formerly known as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection) and Defender For Endpoint Plan 2 both have the majority of these features (formerly Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection). In BP, there are both defenders.

Beginning with user and domain impersonation intelligence, strange character and sender alarms, and further anti-phishing procedures, BP is a good place to start.

Safe links and attachments are another elements of BP that “detonates” potentially harmful data by scanning it through a virtual environment. Under Defender for O365 Plan 1, these features apply to Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.

You can utilize real-time reporting, which incorporates all these notifications, to keep an eye on the security of your environment.


Office 365 Business Premium vs. Business Standard

Office 365 Business Simple is exactly what it says it is: a standard, plain solution in comparison to Business Premium. Although the programs are available and usable, they are not secure.

None of the security elements that ought to be “standard” for any firm are offered by Business Standard.

PlanM365 Business PremiumM365 Business Standard
Price per user, per month$22$12.50
User limit300300
Outlook storage50 GB50 GB
OneDrive storage1 TB1 TB
Azure ADYesNo
Real-Time ReportsYesNo
Safe AttachmentsYesNo
Safe LinksYesNo
Single Sign-On (SSO)YesNo
Endpoint AnalyticsYesNo
Conditional AccessYesNo
Multi-Factor AuthenticationYesNo

Business Standard will save you money but should cost you a lot of peace of mind because it costs $9.50 per user less per month than BP. Keep in mind that it would take about 131 years to recoup the money you save with Business Standard at the average cost of a data breach ($4.24 million, per IBM).

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E3 vs. Office 365 Business Premium

The seatbelts should function if you paid extra for a decent automobile, right? Unfortunately, upgrading from Microsoft 365 Business Premium to Microsoft 365 E3 does not work like that (Not to be mistaken for Microsoft OFFICE 365 E3). Only conventional anti-phishing technologies, such spoof-intelligence, are included with E3. The remaining security measures are disregarded.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Microsoft 365 Business Premium

E3 license holders must acquire extra licenses for Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 ($2/mo) and Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 ($5/mo) in order to receive the same security capabilities as BP. The price for a fully defended E3 license is just under twice as much as BP when combined with E3’s standard $36 per user/month fee.

PlanM365 Business PremiumM365 E3
Price per user, per month$22$36
User limit300Unlimited
Outlook storage50 GB100 GB
OneDrive storage1 TBUnlimited
Endpoint Configuration ManagerNoYes
Litigation HoldYesYes
Credential GuardNoYes
App LockerNoYes
Azure ADYesYes
Azure AD PremiumNoYes
Real-Time ReportsYesNo
Safe AttachmentsYesNo
Safe LinksYesNo

As you can see, E3 offers various advantages, such as access to Azure Rights Management in the premium edition of Azure AD. The on-premises version of Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, is also included in E3.

Defender for Endpoint Plan 1, which contains Block At First Sight, Endpoint Defender for Mac, Enhanced ASR, Tamper Protection, and Web Content Filtering, is included with E3 in terms of security. All are already included in Business Premium via Defender Antivirus, with the exception of Defender for Mac and Web Content Filtering.

See the highlighted article for a detailed comparison of Microsoft 365 Business Premium and E3.


The best choice is Business Premium, why?

For small enterprises with up to 300 employees, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the best choice, to put it simply. Unfortunately, E3 and its required add-ons are the sole choice for every additional employee at 301 employees and above.

Business Premium offers the necessary security features that are not present in either Business Standard or E3 for organisations with fewer than 300 users to license.

Businesses that need to licence more than 300 users should do so by assigning Business Premium licences to the first 300 users and additional enterprise licences to those who require the extra features.

Schedule a call with us right away if you want more details on what to look for in Microsoft 365 licenses. Our team of professionals can assist your company in determining the ideal configuration for your objectives.

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