Tips for speeding up your computer

Tips for speeding up your computer

Tips for speeding up your computer: A sluggish computer may be rather irritating and annoying, not to mention inconvenient. Whether you’re stuck with an outdated computer or simply want to get better performance out of a newer one, the following are some pointers and tweaks that will get it working as quickly as possible. releasing space on the disc. know about more Tips for speeding up your computer.

It’s possible that your computer will run more slowly if there isn’t much free space left on the disc drive you’re using. Here are some fast ways you can clear some space in your home or office:

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• Remove any software that is not being utilized or is no longer needed; many computers come preloaded with programs that you may never use.

• Remove files you no longer require.

• For larger files and media, it is recommended to use an external storage.

You also have access to various tools that are pre-installed that will assist you in reclaiming even more storage space. As demonstrated in this article published by Computer Hope, you can use the Disk Cleaning utility on a computer running Windows to delete temporary and unused files on your hard drive. know about more Tips for speeding up your computer.

This Apple support article demonstrates how you may utilize the About This Mac dialogue box to clear up space on your Mac if you are running macOS Sierra or a later version of the operating system.

Defragmenting your hard drive

If you do it on a regular basis, defragmenting your hard drive can frequently assist in making your computer run faster.


The information stored on your hard drive will eventually become fragmented, which will make it more challenging for your computer to locate specific files. This data will be reorganized after defragmenting, and your computer will be able to access it more quickly as a result.

Adding more RAM

Another possible explanation for your computer’s sluggish performance is that it may not have sufficient RAM (random access memory). know about more Tips for speeding up your computer.

Your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is the component that enables it to run several applications without crashing. When you have an excessive number of programs open at once, your computer’s performance will suffer significantly if it does not have sufficient RAM.

Your computer, fortunately, supports the addition of extra Memory if you need it. In order to accomplish this, you will first need to determine the kind of random access memory (RAM) that your computer employs.

When you have purchased the RAM, the installation process will require you to physically open up your computer.

If you think that the steps involved in this procedure will be too difficult for you to do, you might want to think about taking your device to a computer repair shop so that someone else can handle it for you.

Updating your drivers

A piece of software known as a driver is essential for the proper operation of any peripheral device that is linked to your personal computer.

This includes the mouse, keyboard, and any other devices. Drivers are essentially computer programs that instruct your computer on how to make use of various hardware components. know about more Tips for speeding up your computer.


If these drivers are not up to date, they may cause your computer to run more slowly and may prohibit certain devices from working as intended. In the event that this takes place, they need to be brought up to date.

If you are working on a computer that runs Windows, the drivers for your devices will probably be updated automatically.

On the other hand, there may be circumstances in which you need to carry out these steps manually. You can discover how to update them by consulting this advice provided by Lifewire.

If you have a Mac, every driver on your computer will automatically update itself whenever an update is available.

Managing startup processes

If starting up your computer takes a very lengthy time, there may be an excessive number of apps that are opening at the same time. Fortunately, there is a method for managing these startup procedures and controlling what will launch and what will not.

Check out this tutorial from How-To Geek for information on how to accomplish this task on a Windows machine, or this guide from Nektony for information on how to accomplish this task on a Mac.

Before turning off specific applications and programs on your computer, you should conduct some research to ensure that your system can function properly without them.

Checking for viruses and spyware

As you use your computer, there is a possibility that it can unintentionally pick up malicious software or viruses. They frequently cause damage to your computer and cause it to run more slowly.


Using antivirus software is the most effective method for both preventing infections and treating those that have already occurred. The vast majority of these are able to scan for, detect, and even in some circumstances get rid of the threat.

Please check our courses on how to safeguard your computer and avoid viruses if you require further clarification on this topic.

Tips for speeding up your computer

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