How to Fix Brother Printer Won't Scan

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan?

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan: Brother is a manufacturer of printers that are designed to meet the requirements of small businesses, whether those firms are run from home or from a modest office space. They concentrate on laser printers, which are designed to produce the highest possible page yields and are an excellent choice for printing out forms. Lets know about How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan.

Why does my Brother printer say check connection when I try to scan 1

They provide a limited selection of color inkjet printers that make use of a method that is a cross between a supertank and a conventional cartridge, making it simple to incorporate some color into graphs. In general, they keep the print speeds high, which enables you to have your report sent as rapidly as humanly possible.

In addition to being able to print, copy, scan, and fax documents, Brother printers are famous for their dependability, ease of use at a desk, and small footprint. Brother printers are also known for their multitasking abilities. But just like any other piece of technology, after a certain amount of time of use, and depending on what you’ve used the machine for, it has the potential to run into a few problems here and there. Because of this, the vast majority of devices, if not all of them, come with instruction manuals. Lets know about How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan.

brother printer placed in warm place

In addition, not all manuals have in-depth troubleshooting advice for each and every problem that you can experience, such as when your Brother Printer won’t scan if you’re using the Windows 10 operating system. These instructions are typically found in manuals that cost more money.

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How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan?

Brother printer won’t scan : 

Here are a few potential solutions that people might test out. It is possible that the scanner driver’s network setting is erroneous in this case. This is supported by the fact that the scenario exists.

Brother Printer Won’t Scan with the Windows 10/11

1. After turning on the Brother Printer, if the LCD display on the front of the machine remains dark after doing so, the machine may be off or even in sleep mode. Lets know about How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan.

2. Therefore, you might try hitting the button on the printer to see if that brings it out of the sleep mode it was previously in. If this is the case, check to see that the power cable for the printer has been unplugged, and that all switching devices have been set to the ON position.

3. Examine the LCD display for any error messages that may appear, such as “paper jam” but rather “ink/toner empty,” and then perform the necessary troubleshooting to get rid of them if they appear.

brother printer driver installation issues

4. Investigate the nature of your connection.

5. You will need to configure your Brother printer in order to use the network scanning tool within a peer-to-peer network environment. This is because the network scanning tool functions from a server computer rather than a client PC, and the Brother printer requires configuration.

Verify Whether the Printer is Ready for Use

• To access the various choices for operating the printer, such as configuring the ports or making adjustments relating to the hardware, open the Printer Properties. Lets know about How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan.

• After pressing the Start button, go to the Control Panel menu item.

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• Select Sound or Hardware from the menu.

• Printers and Other Ink-Based Devices

• Right-click your Brother printer and select “Printer Properties” from the menu that appears.

•Click the Print Test Page button to determine whether or not your printer is ready to produce prints.

Verify the Scanner Driver for the Brother printer

The scanner list can be accessed by going to the Start menu and selecting Control Panel.

• In the search bar of the Control Panel, type the word “scanner.”

• Choose this option to view the scanners or cameras.

• Check to see whether there is an icon for a scanner on your Brother printer.

• If the scanner driver is not already installed, you will need to instal it.

• Navigate to the Downloads section of the Brother website.

• After downloading the complete driver or software package, make sure you follow the instructions that are provided.


After this issue has been fixed, you could find that the use of scanner software to optimize both your paper documents and any scanned documents is something that piques your interest. In order to ensure that the problem has been fixed, we do recommend that you experiment with a few other potential remedies. You need to learn as much as possible on this subject to get a better grasp, and doing so will help clear up any questions you have.

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