how to make computer faster

How to make computer faster

Is your computer moving at a snail’s pace?  You must agree that it is both irritating and stressful. Imagine that you are in the middle of completing an important project when all of a sudden, your computer begins to perform more slowly. It’s possible that you’ll wonder about how to make your computer faster.

And if you have encountered all of the issues described above, we are certain that you have also attempted the fundamentals of troubleshooting, such as restarting your Wi-Fi router or quitting all of your open programme in order to find out how to make computer faster.

If that hasn’t helped at all, it’s probable that you’ve Googled “how to make computer faster ” in a desperate attempt to speed up your device, and you’re prepared to do everything to do so.

How to make computer faster.

Your search has brought you to the correct spot, as we have collected a list of 10 measures that you may do to improve the performance of your computer and find out how to make computer faster.

1. Disable any apps that start up automatically.


When you first turn on your computer, a large number of apps will automatically start running because this is the default setting. When a large number of applications all start opening at the same time, it can place a significant demand on the computational capabilities of your device. This may cause your computer to operate more slowly and clumsily than usual. Be sure to switch off auto-launching on any software that you do not wish to start automatically in order to avoid this from happening.

2. Exit any tabs that aren’t necessary.

Keeping a crowded online browser can have a bad influence on your computer’s speed, despite the fact that it may be tempting to have all of your internet tabs open so that you have easy access to them. When you keep a tab open on your browser, it will frequently execute tasks in the background. These activities might cause your computer to function more slowly, even when you aren’t using it. To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to shut tabs that you are no longer using.

3. Ensure that your operating system is up to date.

An older computer may experience a noticeable increase in performance after having its operating system updated. These updates often include bug fixes and security patches, both of which assist in maintaining the performance and security of your device. It is essential to keep in mind that doing this step on some older devices may have the opposite impact intended. For instance, a newly released software update could include more apps and capabilities that are difficult for an older device to manage. Before installing the update, it is important to do some research on the necessary computer requirements.

4. Delete any files that aren’t essential to make computer faster.

Over time, having apps and files on your computer that aren’t essential will slow it down. If you want to increase the efficiency of your computer, one of the finest things you can do is to go through your files and delete everything that you don’t need. This will not only make more room available on your hard drive, but it also has the potential to make your device run more quickly. You may even delete everything on your previous hard drive and start again if that is what you prefer.

5. Make use of online storage

cloud computing
Save in cloud

If your hard disc is getting full, which is causing your computer to run more slowly, you may want to consider shifting your information to the cloud. This will allow you to free up space on your hard disc without the need to remove any files. This solution is also more cost-effective than updating your hard drive because many cloud storage providers offer free alternatives; however, these free options typically come with a limit on how much data can be stored.

6. Perform a fresh installation of your operating system.Best solution for how to make computer faster.

Reinstalling the operating system on your computer is yet another method for increasing its processing speed. Some operating systems have a reputation for experiencing performance degradation over time. You are essentially giving your computer a new beginning when you reinstall it. If you want to proceed in this manner, ensure that you have a recent backup of any information that you consider to be vital, as reinstalling your operating system might result in the loss of some or all of your files.You should be carefull in performing any steps like this of how to make computer faster.

7. Make sure you have enough RAM.

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The quantity of random access memory, or RAM, that your computer has is another element that can play a role in determining its overall performance. Your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is an essential component that makes it possible for it to carry out a number of different activities at the same time by providing a temporary storage location for critical data. For instance, increasing the amount of RAM in your computer from 2 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes might result in appreciably quicker load times.Its an important factor on how to make computer faster.Click to get a RAM.

8. Use an external hard drive

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Using an external hard drive, which is analogous to storing data on the cloud, can help a computer work more efficiently. You should begin by transferring any large files, such as films and photographs, as they have a propensity to use a significant amount of space on your computer’s storage device. It’s probable that your computer’s overall performance and speed will increase if it has access to additional free space on its internal hard disc.Check out on amazon as they have several options for external hard drive

9. Perform routine audits of the security measures.

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The slowing down of a device is a frequent sign of many different types of cybersecurity risks, such as computer viruses, adware, and spyware. These forms of malware may not only cause your device to run more slowly, but they may also breach your privacy and put you at risk of having your identity stolen. Utilizing reliable antivirus software to carry out routine security checks is one way to ensure that all of your bases are covered. This can assist in detecting any faults that may be causing your device to run more slowly and protect both you and the sensitive information you have stored on it.

10.Perform diskcleanup is the answer for how make your computer faster

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How to make computer faster.

You may locate Disk Cleanup by going to the Start menu in Windows 10 and scrolling down to the Windows Administrative Tools section.

When you first run this tool, it will automatically select Drive C as the default location (though you have the option to alter this), and it will display a list of file locations that include files that can be deleted.

Before one may remove the files that are stored in a certain file location, that location’s checkbox must first be activated. If you click on a file location, a description of the files that location contains will show at the bottom of the window. This will let you to see what you will be removing from your computer.

After Disk Cleanup is finished, you will need to restart your computer in order to delete any Windows Update files that may still be on your computer. Remember that the Disk Cleanup programme will only remove files that are marked as Updates.

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